St James’ Primary is a successful school that is at the heart of its community. There are strong links with the parish church and these enhance the spiritual and moral development of the people we serve.

At St James’ we are committed to providing a high standard of Catholic education for all pupils in a friendly and welcoming environment. We recognise that every child has their own, unique set of gifts and talents and ensure that there are opportunities for these to be developed.  The school  teaches children that we share values common to all faiths, namely love and respect for one another, Peace, Justice and belief in Equality. We teach our children about other faiths, in order to foster respect and tolerance of those with other faiths and beliefs.

We provide an exciting curriculum that prepares children to become active members of society. We aim to inspire all of our pupils, to rise to the challenges that will enable them to develop the skills and personal qualities they need, in order to embrace the future with confidence. St James’ has consistently high standards of achievement. This high achievement is a result of outstanding teaching and learning, hard work from the pupils and support from parents. (more…)


SATs Results KS2 2015

Well done Y6!!! 100% Level 4 in Reading Writing and Maths, 97% in the Grammar test, Reading  L5+ – 75%   L6 3%, Writing   L5+ – 53%   L6 3%, Maths     L5+  - 75%   L6 31%, GrammarL5+ - 81   L6 18%.

St James’ achieves the NACE award!

The school is delighted to announce that it has been given the NACE award for its high expectations for pupils and achievement. Thank you Mrs. Wilson for your hard work in preparing for the assessment and to governors, staff and  pupils for their dedication and contributions to the assessment process. This is a much coveted

Questions to discuss with your child this week!

What would you like your new Prime Minister to do?  What makes a good Prime Minister?

Please bring in 4 pint Milk Containers.

Please can everyone try to bring in as many 4 pint milk containers as you can for Year 3s art project. Thank you very much

Year 6 – Marie Curie Cancer Care

Well done to year 6 for supporting Marie Curie Cancer Care.

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